Trade Mark Law

We advise and represent companies with regard to all Competition Law and Trade Mark Law matters.

We will assist you in developing a brand strategy, to check whether and to what extent the brand name can be protected, and will complete all the necessary German, European and international trade mark registration procedures for you. We will create your trade mark licensing agreements and defend your brands and marks against attacks from third parties. We will assert your rights judicially and extrajudicially if a third party illegally uses your brand or a brand similar to it.

We will check your application documents and websites for any violations of Competition Law. If you are cautioned because of suspected violations of Competition Law, we will check the legal validity of the caution and will come up with a reaction strategy with you that meets your interests as effectively as possible. If one of your competitors attempts to achieve a competitive advantage using unfair means, for example by way of misleading or unadmissible comparative advertising, we will apply for injunctive relief and makes any claims for damages either extrajudicially and if necessary through the courts, either by invoking interim relief or by taking legal action.

The requirements and the opportunities of Antitrust Law are often missed. We check distribution agreements to ensure they are compatible with German and European Antitrust Law and assert any antitrust claims for you or represent you if antitrust claims are made against you.

In Competition Law and Trade Mark Law, the success depends to a large extent on acting both quickly and carefully. We will be happy to provide our legal expertise at short notice.

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